Our small team has spent countless hours (seriously – countless hours – ’cause nobody actually counted!!) researching gear and actually using quite a bit of it.  For those items we don’t actually buy, we’ve spent a crazy amount of time researching the products on Amazon, customer comments, forums, manufacturer websites and more!  We truly hope to bring you useful, actionable and easy to read product reviews.

These reviews are not meant to highlight the most expensive items, nor are we interested in always comparing lots of products against each other.  That often confuses people whose time is limited.  Sometimes we’ll do comparisons to give you some options, and other times we’ll give you our best single pick given all the factors like price, value, durability, customer satisfaction, looks and function.

Please read on, enjoy and feel free to send us any feedback you like anytime!

Buying Guide was last modified: April 11th, 2019 by Pete